1 05 2010

30 year reunion of the Strand Bookstore mole people, circa 1980 or thereabouts.
Working in the sweltering basement at the Strand Bookstore at 12th St. & Broadway…my first job after arriving in New York City. Minimum wage, 110-degree heat, tyrannical boss, and the best co-workers one could hope to work with. Transforming the John Lisee’s shipping section into a dangerous voodle temple, using only corrugated cardboard, packing tape, x-acto knives, black magic markers and rubber bands. Outsiders, including the owner, entered at their peril. One wrong step would unleash a fusillade of industrial rubber bands flying in one’s direction. Lacerations were common. I look forward to meeting them again after 3 decades.

*   *   *

So the Strandapaloza was awesome: Robin Crutchfield of DNA/Dark Day; Artie the K, the King of Review; Miriam Linna of The Cramps/A-Bones/Norton Records; the Great John Lisee and Harry Barnes, and many more. A convocation of book moles.




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